Bless You Cancer (2)

Here are portions of my journal from 8.8.05. I was still finishing up a combo treatment of radiation and chemo for tongue cancer at the time.

(I almost posted a picture of a tumor that looked similar to the one on the right side of my tongue before my blessed ENT removed it from my mouth. It was far too ugly to subject any viewers to. I called it the monster. It was. It’s gone. It hasn’t come back. Thanks be to God. This is no small thing. I saw my oncologist recently who told me about another patient of his. She has head and neck cancer. The disease is out of control. Eventually it will eat through her carotid artery. What God spared me from! Amazing. Grace. Mercy. Every day is a gift, especially Sundays. Oh, Lord, have mercy on that woman. If she doesn’t know You, bring her to your blessed peace through the redeeming work of Jesus.)

I went to church, if only for twenty minutes, yesterday, for the first time in weeks. I miss the worship of God’s people. I shared and did the pastoral prayer. It was sweet. They greeted me with a standing ovation! (OGC loved me/us well through our cancer storm on our Sea of Galilee) They did not know I was coming. I cried and pointed heavenward. This is about God; it’s not about me. I am SO weak; He is MEGA strong. I testified of the truth of Romans 8:32 and future grace. I prayed. I exhorted. I blew them a kiss and left. Thank you, Lord. I won’t soon forget that Sunday. (I haven’t)

There is nothing like God’s people, the church for which the Son shed His blood, when they/it practice fervent love towards those who suffer.

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