Life in Salerno

A blog post yesterday from missionaries aiming to get to Salerno with Campus Crusade for Christ. Today comes a blog post from one couple on our team already there. You can check it out here.

It tells of Rodney and Amanda Walton’s trip to the local farmer’s market. Nancy and I went there when we visited the Valiquettes, another member of that terrific team back in March. That’s my bride pictured haggling for fruit that chilly day.
Check it out and make a comment to encourage these dear ones on a journey of heroic proportions.

One response

  1. mmm fruit….mmmm cold….
    While over there did you get a chance to have a cantaloupe? They aren't allowed here in the States for some reason. What we know as a cantaloupe isn't…it's a musk melon or some hybrid of a musk melon. I learned that from Alton Brown (Good Eats) because when I did watch TV, I LOVED Food Network and still enjoy it when I have control of the remote at my sisters house!
    Ever since learning that I've wondered what a cantaloupe tastes like…

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