Cut Something Out

Chapter Seven of A Call to Spiritual Reformation deals with “Excuses for Not Praying.” The first is I am too busy to pray. D. A Carson offers this hard-hitting advice:

It matters little whether you are the mother of active children who drain away your energy, an important executive in a major multinational corporation, a graduate student cramming for impending comprehensives, a plumber working overtime to put your children through college, or a pastor of a large church putting in ninety-hour work weeks: at the end of the day, if you are too busy to pray, you are too busy. Cut something out (p. 114).

Amen and amen.

4 responses

  1. Hit us again and again! Let us all be consumed with a perpetual spirit of prayer, so that we can imitate our LORD in Heaven who is always interceding for us, even at this very moment – Hebrews 7:25!

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