Why Build on Maitland Ave?

If you missed Sunday’s congregational meeting, here is a summation of Chuck Mitchell’s framing of the building committee presentation.

It outlines the rationale among the elders for their unanimous consensus for building a facility on our property as opposed to some other destination location such as a shopping center, closed auto dealership, etc.

  • We have explored numerous alternative options in the past by God’s leading and He has closed the door every time and feel it is important to delay a definitive direction no longer.
  • We greatly value the prospect of being located in the center of a highly residential area as opposed to a commercial one for the purpose of enabling outreach to our community.
  • Our property lies at the center of what has been the target area for our church from its outset.
  • A facility will give us a visible, permanent, strategic base of operations making us more viable as a church entity to households in the community as well as facilitating a breadth of ministry options now problematic to impossible to entertain for lack of a facility.
  • The numerical growth, Lord willing, that a facility will help generate, will enhance our capacity, increasing resources over time to continue our impact in the area of global missions.

May the Lord continue to give us wisdom as we proceed with the process of building a facility for the glory of God as He enables us to do so.

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