More Puritan Power for the LB

As Conciliation Anniversary Sunday approaches at OGC, here is a trio of statements from William Gurnall that speaks to the matter of biblical peacemaking:

The less progress the Gospel has made in our hearts to mortify lust and strengthen grace, the weaker the peace and love among us.

As grace strengthens, and the gospel prevails in the hearts of Christians, love and a spirit of unity increase with it.

This pair of graces thrive and grow together; a Christian who has abundant faith will also have abundant love.

Oh for saints strong in Gospel graces that peace and love might abound among us!

One response

  1. Amen! I would say putting others first (assuming the motive is right in our Jer. 17:9 hearts) is a “key”, if you will, for growing in holiness.
    1.) It requires humility
    2.) Smashes our idol of self
    3.) Smacks our pride in the face
    4.) Requires trust in Him to take care of us while we take care of someone else.

    I'm thrilled you're doing this short series. Thank you for all you do!

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