Getting Stupid Over Football

Brett Bradley beat me to it. Way to go, man.

He posted a portion of an interview with Pastor Matt Chandler about what stirs his affections for Christ and what dulls them.

His comment about college football hit a bit too close to home, but needs to be said to silly blokes like me.

Check it out here.

One response

  1. I love Matt Chandler!

    As one who finds sports boring it's easy for me to say:
    GO MATT! Amen! Preach it brother!

    And to those who do get excited about sports:
    Enjoy your sports as a gift from G-d for your enjoyment, but which are you more excited about? That sport, or striving after Him and living out the life He was commanded us to live?

    Granted, He didn't run faster or score more points or anything….He just took G-d's wrath for you. No biggy.

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