A New Year’s Prayer

Embarking today on another year of reading through the entire Bible today took me as always to Matthew 1:1-16, the genealogy of Jesus. Last year I wrote a prayer in light of some of the personages listed in the lengthy text. I revisited it again this year and offer it as a catalyst for prayer as others enter 2010. 

Heavenly Father, 

Give me the tenacious faith of Abraham.
Keep me from the fear of man and deception of Isaac.
Grant me a pursuit of your blessing so strenuous that puts my hip out of place with Jacob.
Deliver me from the lust of Judah.
Keep me from the malice, jealousy, resentment, and cruelty of Judah’s brothers.
Give me the perspective of Joseph to calculate your sovereignty.
Make me generous with the kindness of Boaz.
Make me loyal to commitments with the perseverance of Ruth.
Give me courage to take sanctified risks like Rahab.
Make me the father of godly descendants like Jesse.
Make me a worshipper after your own heart like David.
Help me to understand grace like You must have done for the wife of Uriah.
Give me wisdom like that of Solomon to lead your great people.
Keep me from the kind of bad counsel to which Rehoboam listened.
Make me a leader like Jehoshaphat with the courage and insight to send in the choir first.
Bless me with prophetic counselors like Isaiah even as you did Uzziah.
Keep me from the pride of Hezekiah in my advancing years.
Keep me from the wickedness of Manasseh but give me his repentant humility when I fall.
Fill me with the zeal of Josiah to work for the reform of your church.
Cause me to work hard with the energy of Zerubbabel in everything I do.
Make me a blend of righteousness and mercy and selflessness like Joseph.
Give me the submissive spirit of Mary.
Grant me the humility of Jesus. 

In Jesus’ name and for His glory, amen.

3 responses

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading through the Bible in a year several times.
    But this year I’m planning to begin reading through it in 5 years.
    That way I can thoroughly digest a few verses and spend time looking up commentary, cross-references, etc! I hope I remember what I read better this way.

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