Another Each One Seek One Story

Before we got going on our prayer time last Sunday evening on the property I told our walkers the following story.

Recently I got an early morning text.

PC, call me when you get this. I’ve got good news!

Now I get texts I want to answer and then I get texts I don’t want to answer. Which do you think applies here?

As soon as I got to the office, I placed the call.

When X (I’m sworn to secrecy) picked up, he/she told me about a letter that came in the mail the other day. X had only opened it that morning. It came from the lawyer of a distant relative. Unfortunately that person passed away a while ago. Little did my mystery texter/caller know but the relative included X in the will!

X could hardly contain the excitement about the amount (no, I don’t know details). But suffice it to say that X got really excited about the ability to do three things as a result: pay off debt, give to some missionaries, AND contribute his/her $1000 to the Each One, Seek One initiative for increasing our building fund monies.

And I quote: I wanted to contribute but I had no idea how I would do it. I prayed about it and God came through! Or words to that effect.

And that, of course, IS THE IDEA. Ask, seek, and knock. God loves for us to pester Him with requests that when He answers bring Him glory.

So let X’s story encourage you if you have yet to see His provision. Keep on asking, keep on seeking, and keep on knocking.

And when He answers, don’t forget to send me a text! I promise to call as soon as I possibly can.

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