Target Tandara

As I shared on Sunday, the Lord is on the move in Digoland. In case you missed it, the recap goes like this:

We have funded the digging of a well in Mrima, Kenya, as part of our ongoing outreach to the Digo people. The well is a God thing. It hit water at minimal depth bringing forth 750 liters a day, even during the dry season. Not just water, but clear water, clean enough to drink and bathe in. No other well in the region matches it. It’s the talk of the village. See some of the folks pictured above.

Esther (dressed in white and read, front and center), one of only two believers in the village (until lately!), for whom we named the well, recently witnessed to her nephew in the hospital. He had a vision after that and professed Christ. Since then all ten siblings have come to the Lord and even the Dad. That’s almost unheard of in Digoland (99% Muslim)!

In spite of persecution, these dear ones have stopped tithing to the local mosque and have started a house church in their home! We are working through them to sponsor a well dedication this August when four of us from OGC, Lord willing, will travel to Kenya for this and other survey purposes related to our love for the work of the gospel among these people.

Interesting note. The chief of the village, who happens to be the local imam, lives right across the street from the well we had dug. His name is Tandara and he will likely attend the dedication this summer. He is a modern day Saul of Tarsus (see Acts 9) for whom we must pray!

So the purpose of this blog post is to put us all at OGC on notice to pray to the Father that He will work in this man’s heart and bring Him to Christ. It is hard to imagine the ripple effects in Mrima and beyond if Tandara were to profess faith in Christ and be baptized.

Will you join me in asking for the wind of the Spirit to blow strong in this man’s heart and life?

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