OGC Goes Graffiti

Yes. That’s right. Tomorrow night in a special service on the property we will encourage sanctified graffiti as the main event. This is a one-time only offer, folks. After we open the building, any graffiti writers will suffer the full consequence of the law. So make good on the chance while you can.

After we sing a couple of tunes and hear a brief devotional from 1 Timothy 3:13-16, we will hit the steel girders all over the building with Sharpie pens to scribble away ’till our hearts’ content. All you need to know to get in on the act are some Bible verses that you want to record that express your hopes and dreams for OGC for years into the future. Eventually the steel will disappear behind finish walls, but we will forever remember that we took an evening for a pre-dedication of our facility with the word of God in mind.

After we get done, we will gather together again and have a time of sharing about the verses we wrote and why we chose them. Children are encouraged to participate too!

Please bring a folding chair. Sharpies will be provided for those who need them.

Following the service, members of the building committee will conduct tours of the various sections of the building so we may further visualize what God will give to us come 2012.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening at 6 PM!

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  1. Curt, How about putting me on the OGC e-newsletter if you don’t mind. I entered my email address, but if it didn’t come through let me know!!

    I will enjoy following your construction.

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