Christ's Love the Source

I continue to read through the Free Grace Broadcaster edition of Loving One Another as I launch our new series The Graces of Gospel-Shaped Community.

In a reprint of one of Charles Spurgeon’s sermons, I came across this powerfully motivating paragraph:

Do you feel the love of God shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Ghost? Knowing is [good], but enjoyment as the result
of believing is better. Does it not sometimes force the tears from your eyes to think that Jesus loved you and gave
Himself for you? On the other hand, does it not at times make you feel as if, like David, you could dance before the
ark of the Lord? To think that the love of God should ever have been set on you? That Christ should die for you?
Ah, think and think again: For you the bloody sweat, for you the crown of thorns, for you the nails, the spear, the
wounds, the broken heart—all, all for love of you who were His enemy! In proportion as your heart is tender and is
sensitive to this love, it will become a constraining influence to your whole life. The force of this influence will also
depend very much upon the grace that dwells within you. You may measure your grace by the power that the love
of Christ has over you. Those who dwell near their Lord are so conscious of His power over them that the very
glances of His eyes fill them with holy ardor. If you have much grace, you will be greatly moved by the love that
gave you that grace and [will be] wondrously sensitive to it. But he who hath little grace, as is the case with not a
few, can read the story of the cross without emotion and can contemplate Jesus’ death without feeling. God deliver
us from a marble heart, cold and hard!

What he said.

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