More Bonds of Brotherhood TT This Sunday

I was not prepared for the post-service rush last Sunday.

At the close of my message I offered a give away of about ten copies of a recent issue of Tabletalk magazine on fraternity called The Bonds of Brotherhood.

One of my brothers, a football coach in our community, almost took me literally about the tackling thing. I saw my life flash before my eyes as he rushed the pulpit!

Anyway, those copies disappeared faster than Dan would have flattened me on the offensive line. But I have good news! My beloved source from Ligonier has graciously offered to make another thirty to forty copies available for distribution this Sunday.

So if you would like the full treatment on brotherly community in one of the best Tabletalk issues I have read, see me (no tackling please) and I will be happy to gift you one. Please give some serious thought to becoming a subscriber. You won’t regret it.

To whet your appetite, here is a sample from Pastor Burk Parson’s opening article:

Even though many men are completely content with the community and companionship of images, games, and voices on a screen, men desperately need the camaraderie and fraternity of other men. Men are made to experience intimate and authentic, loyal and enduring friendships with other men — on the battlefield, in the foxhole, at the gates of the city, and at the coffee shop on the corner. And while no wise and truly humble man will ever consider himself a hero, each and every man of God by His grace is called to strive to conquer this world, his flesh, and the Devil, shoulder to shoulder with other men who together serve one another in a company of heroes as husbands and dads who serve by leading their wives, families, churches, and communities into fellowship with God.

Oh that God would make us a community of such men at OGC!

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