37 Ways to Love One Another

Someone sent me a link with a thorough list of the one another passages of the New Testament confirming my notion that they all constitute intricacies of the ultimate grace of loving within our relationships in the body of Christ.

The author introduces the list with this provocative assertion:

A local church is not built by one man, or even a few men, but by every believer being actively involved in ministry through evangelizing the lost people in their lives and serving their fellow Christians. A quick glance at the practice of the New Testament church reveals that they thought very little about programs and very much about relationships.

For more of his thoughts as well as the complete list of the one another passages for your study and prayer click here.

2 responses

  1. I’ve been praying, and thinking, a lot about what it means to live in a Biblical community of believers. I have a comment [that is really directed at The Church as a whole] to add to the quote above, please do not ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’ and purposely ignore programs just because they’re programs. Because, you see–since we all have different gifts, and the Bible mentions that for some it’s administration/organization, some of us just need the slight nudge and to be pointed in the path of greatest need. I’m finding that where NO programs are utilized, that there is a sad amount of untapped talent and a lot of wasted lives. YES, rely on the Holy Spirit to show what should be done, but let those who are gifted in the areas of Administration — to give the marching orders to the rest of us. “Hey, I’m a hand, what do I know about …”

    • Thanks for the nudge toward balance, sister. We must work the trellis along with the vine, indeed to facilitate the growth of the vine.

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