Beauty & the Betrayer

Today’s message from John 13:21-30 is now on the web. You can listen to the audio here.

Here’s how I summarized the flow of the message:

As we come to the Table of the Lord this morning, feast your eyes on and give your tastes to the beautiful Savior. Having heard the preached Gospel, we now have it made visible in the elements of the bread and the cup. What amazing, devoted love would for the joy set before Him, despise the shame, endure the cross, and lay down a life so sweet, so pure, so divine? The love of Jesus. Do you see this beauty in all its distress, in all its devotion, in all its determination? Will you not go the way of Peter and John and move toward Jesus to rest your all on Him or will you go the other direction into the night, not just the dark night over the Mt. of Olives that fateful evening in John 13, but the pitch black night of sin’s evil that refuses His friendship and loves something, someone more than Him.

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