The Explicit Gospel Tour

Always on the lookout for resources and opportunities to war against the dreadful disease that is gospel amnesia, I gladly commend to our people this event  billed as making the gospel clear for both the non-believer and the Christian.

On Saturday evening, April 21, at Crosspointe Church Orlando, Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor at the Village Church in Dallas Texas, will conclude his six-city tour with an evening service to share the gospel in a winsome and engaging manner, articulating the pertinence of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection for both salvation and sanctification.

The purpose of this event is to make the gospel clear not only to nonbelievers, but also to those who have grown up in church their whole lives and aren’t seeing the staggering implications of the good news of grace. Also, Crossway Publishers will be promoting the release of Chandler’s new book, The Explicit Gospel along with other Christian books to help people know Jesus and make Him known.

You can learn more about the event and purchase tickets on line here.

This is a unique opportunity in our back yard. I trust many of our folks might take advantage of it and attend.

Please note: Shane and Shane will not perform at this particular event. Sorry!

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