Precept Ministries Is Coming, Hurrah!


Today I actually  had a quiet time, studied for my next sermon in John, exercised (a little too painful after the two-month layoff), and now I sit before my laptop writing a blog post. Perhaps after two months of hectic Project Occupy the New Building, life has started to get back to more of the routine and regular disciplines, including the occasional spot on the blog.

Why am I so excited, you may ask, about Precept Ministries? Easy. The aim of Precepts in teaching women in particular how to study the Bible book-by-book through solid inductive Bible study methods matches up perfectly with our values, mission and vision as a church. Kay Arthur, founder of Precept Ministries and gifted Bible teacher (her videos make up a core part of the weekly study process), longs to see women grow in their intimate relationship with God. She wants them to know God better. That’s what our elders want for all our folks at OGC. So launching a Precepts Bible study this fall in our new facility makes all the sense in the world to us, especially since God has sent us a certified instructor in the form of soon-to-become-a-member Joyce Jacobs. Hurrah again!

Starting September 4 Joyce will lead part one in a study of  2 Timothy: A Study in Discipleship. (Note: this is a change from the earlier post this week that advertised Revelation (Part One). Please forgive any confusion this causes!) The class will meet on Tuesday mornings at the church (an evening “mirror” class will be offered for women as well, interest pending). As a bonus, during August Joyce will offer a 4-week study (each class only one hour) for women who might be new to Precepts using Kay Arthur’s book Lord, Teach Me To Study the Bible in 28 Days ($13).

Let me commend that 28 day journey to you even if you never take one of the more demanding but oh-so-rewarding extended Precepts studies like the one coming up in 2 Timothy this fall. In this little resource you will get a fine introduction to Bible study methods. Kay Arthur makes studying the Bible not only manageable but delightful as she takes you over the course of month through studies in the Old Testament book of Jonah and the New Testament book of Jude. You will likely catch her fever for a desire to know God better, an even higher view of Scripture than you already possess, and get equipped with the tools to study the Bible for yourself in such a way that your spiritual life will profit in ways you can hardly imagine. How sweet is all of that?

If you would like more info, contact Joyce by phone at 407.365.2266 or by email at

I can’t wait to see what God does in the lives of the women of OGC as the search the Scriptures together and in them engage their beloved Lord Jesus in ever increasing degrees of soul-satisfying delight!

Triple hurrah!

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