Three days and counting.

Sunday after church Nan and I will drive to Miami where we’ll stage for my surgery on Monday morning. What a terrific encouragement to have so many folks praying for me and the ordeal next week holds!

Some have asked in specific just how they can pray, so I shot the following video to share my ABCs of prayer for “Operation Robojaw:”



Question: What strategies have you used to get through major surgery, if you’ve ever had to hit the table for any length of time? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

25 responses

  1. Loved it! So helpful to hear specific ways to pray! Supporting you in prayer that there will not be a sequel required, no Robojaw 2.

  2. Know that I and many others will be praying a, b, c and much more for you on Monday and in the coming weeks. So many are standing in prayer with you and Nancy.

  3. PC, thanks for the update! Enjoying your blog and planning on joining the prayer vigil from afar on Monday. Keeping you and Nancy in our prayers as always.

  4. I appreciate your transparency and your servant heart, Brother! You and Nancy are a blessing! Praying the A B C s for you – one and done!

  5. Curt- love your abc video- it’s great to have specific prayer requests like those to pray. We shall press on and are in agreement for the one and done surgery. I’m just now subscribing to your blog-can’t wait to see your book. Love to you and Nancy!

  6. Always holding the beloved Heffs before the throne. You and Nancy are loved and appreciated more than you can ever imagine! Trusting God with you for an Ephesians 3:20 surgery outcome.

  7. Your church is with you heart and soul, Pastor Curt! As a fairly recent member I am still so encouraged by their sincere, heartfelt love for you. And judging by the prayer sign-up sheet, you will have LOTS of prayer support tomorrow! I wanted to respond to your question under the video about strategies to get through major surgery, based on my patients in rehab: just remember that how things look and feel that first couple of weeks post-op have NOTHING to do with your new normal! Things will change dramatically. Give it plenty of time! 🙂

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