Video Interview at Winter Break Retreat

This past weekend Jan and I enjoyed a gathering with over twenty other pastors and their wives in Lewiston, Idaho.

Mark Brewster, our host serving with Life Impact Ministries, asked us to record a video interview about our story and transition to rural pastoral ministry.

Check out the nine-minute piece below!

16 responses

  1. Loved hearing your story again. God is so good!! He restores and redeems in amazing ways as He works for His Glory!! Love you both. Lisa H

  2. Such a life journey! Warms my heart to listen to your testimonies and personally witness God’s restoration in your lives! Miss you both!

  3. What a glorious recitation of the deep trials of life and God’s faithfulness in the midst of the valley, His kindness in bringing you together, and His goodness that continues to follow and overshadow you! May the Lord give you new and exciting adventures together in 2020! Love you, Curt and Jan!

  4. I was watching this and told Father I don’t want to love anything like I love him. This pushes me towards Him. PTL for you both.

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