A Call to Spiritual Reformation Study Guide

Here is the study guide for this week’s 9:30 equipping hour class in prayer in case you missed it.

Chapter Nine – A Sovereign and Personal God

  1. What challenges does Carson bring early on in this chapter to the popular notion prayer changes things?

  2. What two truths does Carson work from at the outset on p. 148 on the way to unpacking biblical reflections that can help us pray better? What problem does he say we have concerning these? Where does he offer biblical support for both?

  3. Which passages of Scripture does Dr. Carson argue bring both these truths together at the same time? Which proves most illuminating to you and why?

  4. Why does the author argue that the Acts 4:23-30 passage proves to be the most revealing of the seven passages under discussion?

  5. If we agree with Dr. Carson that the Bible affirms both truths as he attempts to demonstrate, where does he say we are to go from there on p. 156ff?

  6. How does he qualify the notion of freedom in dealing with the issue of mystery in reconciling these two truths?

  7. How does he qualify God’s relation to good and evil in furthering his argument?

  8. How does Carson relate the nature of God to the discussion? What wonderful truth does he articulate? How do you react to the statement, Christians are prepared to accept certain mysteries?

  9. What crucial lesson does Carson draw out before he concludes the chapter? How do the examples he cites help you in your understanding? How does he relate all this to prayer? How does he deal with the problem passages related to God relenting?

  10. How will this chapter make a difference in your prayer life?

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