Listen Up!

Available this Sunday for a mere buck at the resource table will be Christopher Ash’s little book Listen Up! A Practical Guide to Listening to Sermons (2009, The Good Book Company, 30 pages).

Here’s how the publisher describes the resource:

Christopher Ash outlines seven ingredients for healthy listening. He then deals with how to respond to bad sermons – ones that are dull, or inadequate, or heretical [not that you’ll need this at OGC]. And finally, he challenges us with ideas for helping and encouraging our Bible teachers to give sermons that will really help us to grow as Christians.

Ash prescribes these seven ingredients for healthy sermon listening:

1. Expect God to speak
2. Admit God knows better than you
3. Check the preacher says what the passage says
4. Hear the sermon in church
5. Be there week by week
6. Do what the Bible says
7. Do what the Bible says today – and rejoice!

Endorsements include:

‘We give Listen Up to all our new members’
– Mark Dever, Sr. Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church

‘We just don’t have teaching and training on how to LISTEN to sermons. Christopher Ash shows what a gaping hole that omission leaves’
Rico Tice, All Souls, Langham Place, London

‘New, fresh, wise, and personally convicting. A must-read for anyone serious about growing as a Christian’
Andrew Reid, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

‘Provides crucial theology and practical advise about listening that can make the difference between life and death in the church.’
R Kent Hughes

‘A great resource to help grow a new generation of believers who both tremble at God’s word and are changed by it.’
Vaughan Roberts, St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford, UK

Be sure to pick up your copy this Sunday!

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