Building Program Update

The image above is a picture of a Lutheran church – the fourth tallest architectural structure in Iceland. It took incredibly long to build it (38 years)! Construction work began in 1945 and ended in 1986.

Sometimes our project feels that long to me, but a story like that puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Our leadership team spent considerable time last Thursday night discussing our progress toward breaking ground for our facility this fall.

We draw closer by the day. Certain factors toward making  a responsible and timely decision bear mentioning:

  1. The building committee meets this Monday evening, Oct. 4, with Dave Eddy, our contractor, to finalize details of the floor plan so that we can sign a contract with him and he can begin construction drawings. Pray for that meeting – for oneness of mind on the many details requiring decisions.
  2. We have acquired all the easements we desired for the property resulting in substantial savings for the project.  And we have received some enormous gifts like the sound board mentioned last Sunday. Thanks be to God!
  3. The site plan continues to pass back and forth between the committee and the city as officials make and require various changes. We have enjoyed enormous favor with Altamonte Springs. For that we are most grateful. Please pray this continues and that details get finalized so that permits can be pulled.
  4. Six different banks/lending institutions have received information packets from us for application for a mortgage for funding the balance of the project. We have already started to meet with some representatives from those entities. Pray for favor and wisdom in determining the right connection(s).
  5. David Sims, one of our founding members and long-term, well-known advocate of OGC, graciously agreed to draft a personal letter on our behalf to friends of OGC over the years for a second-tier capital campaign effort. We hope to send out that correspondence  to a host of recipients as soon as possible.

As you can see, certain ducks still need to get into row before we can target a timetable for breaking ground and starting site work on the property. Our leadership team expects to have a much better read on things by our next meeting at the end of this month. We will keep the body posted on our next steps, particularly as our anniversary comes on Nov. 7 and we near the end of the fall quarter.

We also gave attention to the general fund giving trend of late noting the typical summer slump from which we have yet to emerge. We noted that the financial figures in the bulletin and enews relate to the target budget for the year, not actual expenses. However, we very much would like to see the Lord work in such a way that we get back above the break even line in that regard just the same. Please pray with us that He helps us to do just that. We would also like to remind the members of the body that while faithfully giving toward your pledge for the capital campaign, please do not neglect your regular giving to the operational expenses of the church.

This remains an exciting time in the life of our assembly. We expect faith-building challenges along the way. He is able! Let us press on believing that where God guides, He provides and that a facility will enhance our mission to engage peoples everywhere for pursuing ultimate satisfaction in Jesus.

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  1. Yikes – that church in Iceland. I wouldn’t want to climb those exterior steps to the top floor. Doesn’t seem like the best design to me.

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