Another Story of Unimaginable Loss Yet Sustained by Unshakable Hope

Sometimes an author simply must go off topic.

After watching this moving, seven-minute piece about my dear brother and friend, Ellis, I knew this week’s post was one of those times.

I was Ellis’ pastor when he lost his daughter at the tender age of eighteen so many years ago.

Ellis was my friend when I lost Joshua four years ago and Nancy three years ago.

I sought to be his friend again when he lost his bride just months ago. They would have celebrated 45 years of marriage today.

We do belong to an unenviable fraternity. We have often commented how our lives have run parallel courses.

But we share yet another reality that makes us members of a most enviable fraternity.

Both our lives remain built upon the solid rock, Jesus Christ, who never fails to sustain in life’s darkest hours (Matt. 7:24-27).

With Ellis’ permission, I invite you to watch this moving testimony.

Be encouraged to hope and continue your race no matter what the twists and turns along its course.

Question: What is one aspect of this story that strengthens your hope?

7 responses

  1. Thanks Curt for Ellis’ dvd. Very moving. I should reach out and pray for him and tell him we are praying for him.

    He helped us with over the years with his gifts and calling at Cru in support raising. So strange and hard to understand the sufferings God allows. Hope you and Jan are continuing to enjoy many blessings there!

    Patty for Dennis too

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  2. Hi again

    Is it ok to ask please for Ellis ‘ email and/or text? Thx. Patty for Dennis too

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  3. It is inspiring to see the depth of faith and trust you and Ellis have. Though the trials and tests of such significance are certainly unenviable, the light they shine on your response to God is testimony to your faith and IS enviable.

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