Twelve Propositions About Sanctification

These are from J. C. Ryle in his book Holiness.

He cites these propositions after defining sanctification as that inward work which the Lord Jesus Christ works in a man by the Holy Ghost, when He calls him to be a true believer. He not only washes him from his sins in His own blood, but He also separates him from his natural love of sin and the world, puts a new principle in his heart, and makes him practically godly in life.

  1. Sanctification is the invariable result of that vital union with Christ which true faith gives to a Christian.
  2. Sanctification is the outcome and inseparable consequence of regeneration.
  3. Sanctification is the only certain evidence of that indwelling of the Holy Spirit which is essential to salvation.
  4. Sanctification is the only sure mark of God’s election.
  5. Sanctification is a thing that will always be seen.
  6. Sanctification is a thing for which every believer is responsible.
  7. Sanctification is a thing which admits of growth and degrees.
  8. Sanctification is a thing which depends greatly on a diligent use of means.
  9. Sanctification is a thing which does not prevent a man having a great deal of inward spiritual conflict.
  10. Sanctification is a thing which cannot justify a man, and yet it pleases God.
  11. Sanctification is a thing which will be found absolutely necessary as a witness to our character in the great day of judgment.
  12. Sanctification is absolutely necessary, in order to train and prepare us for heaven.

He quotes the Puritan John Owen regarding this last proposition:

There is no imagination wherewith man is besotted, more foolish,none so pernicious, as this–that persons not purified, not sanctified, not made holy in their life, should afterwards be taken into that state of blessedness which consists in the enjoyment of God. Neither can such persons enjoy God, nor would God be a reward to them. . . . Holiness indeed is perfected in heaven: but the beginning of it is invariably confined to this world.

Saint of God, give yourself today to the means of grace that help conform you to the Son of God to the glory of God to prepare you for the dwelling place of God.

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